Server management overview

When shopping for managed hosting it is important to compare the different levels of management on offer, as these can vary from one provider to another. FastnetHost only provides 'fully managed' solutions and as such you can rest assured that our experts will keep your server performing as expected thanks to our pro-active approach.

Managed servers are provided ready-to-go with all software installed, updated and security hardened. We don't use any "default" installs or configurations.

Our experts monitor and maintain your solution 24x7x365 ensuring it is healthy and performing optimally at all times. You don't need any in-house knowledge or experience, we worry about the hosting so you don't have to!

  • Configured and ready-to-go from day one
  • Your server is built and optimised specifically for the purpose intended. Experts will tune the server individually for your website applications.
  • Software updates, security patching and system hardening is all monitored and maintained 24x7x365 by our team of server experts.
  • We monitor over 40 key aspects of your server health, allowing our team to be pro-active and resolve a concern before it becomes a problem.
  • We include cPanel for easy account management, plus backup your server 4 times per day to an offsite datacentre facility for total peace of mind.

Initial server deployment

We never use default installs! One of our provisioning experts will build and deploy a server specifically for your requirements. We security harden and performance optimise the stack from the operating system up.

Operating System & Security
Web Hosting Environment
Monitoring and Backups
  • Install latest CentOS Enterprise Linux operating system.
  • Secure default operating system groups and remove unnecessary users.
  • Harden temporary data paths (e.g. hardened /tmp directory).
  • Install and configure customised Advanced Policy Firewall (CSF Security firewall).
  • Implement tweaks for known PCI failures to ensure PCI compliant hosting.
  • Configure Smartd, a hard disk failure early warning system.
  • Install and configure mod_security to filter common web based malware attacks.
  • Install and configure MUNIN system performance graphing and analysis tools.
  • Backdoor Inspection: inspect and verify server for sanity from known backdoor exploits.
  • Remove non-essential operating system software packages.
  • Modify system file/folder permission to secure system directories and binaries.
  • Install socket, process, resource system monitors, &: brute force detection system.
  • Close all ports which are not required by core software and services.
  • Tweak & harden common services to minimise information broadcasted publicly.
  • Modify default SSHd server configuration files to address common security issues.
  • Setup automatic update procedure for the OS and cPanel core software.
  • Install remaining FastnetHost proprietary security hardening.
  • Install and configure latest cPanel WHM control panel software.
  • Setup bind DNS and configure your branded nameservers ready for use.
  • Install performance optimisation stack (e.g. Nginx, APC, Varnish, Memcache, specific to customer).
  • Apply software licences and verify as appropriate.
  • Setup automatic updates for cPanel WHM software (stable branch).
  • Install any remaining software specific to the customers requirement.
  • Install latest hot fixes, bug fixes, patches and in-house changes to cPanel.
  • Check installation versions of the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP).
  • Security Harden FTP, SSH, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, HTTP, and other protocols.
  • Implement system patches to ensure PCI compliance.
  • Install and configure our 24x7 monitoring system (with over 40 key server health checks).
  • Run initial 'seed' replica backup to offsite datacentre and verify data integrity of first backup.
  • Final audit checklist for monitoring and backups before client handover.
  • Run benchmark tests to ensure system is performance optimised.
  • Sign off FastnetHost provisioning checklist and handover to client.
  • Configure CDP offsite backups software and ensure backups schedule has been applied.
  • Setup anti spam solution client has requested (free Spamassassin or premium SpamExperts system).
  • Configure MUNIN system performance graphing and analysis tools.
  • Apply any final client customisations or requests per order spec.

Ongoing pro-active server management

Server management is a 24x7 responsibility. Our system engineers will monitor and manage your server to ensure it is always performing, leaving you free from any hosting worries.

  • Over 40 server health monitors ensure our experts keep your hosting solution performing optimally.
  • Pro-actively patch and maintain key software versions.
  • Perform regular scheduled security and performance audits.
  • Review server logs and system graphs to mitigate resource spike activity.
  • Advise you of any improvements we can recommend.
  • True 24x7x365 support is available to you for any other hosting assistance.
  • Monitor security releases and apply patches with immediate effect.
  • Regularly update CentOS system packages (and check automatic updates).
  • Review system performance benchmarks on a regular basis.
  • Regularly check integrity of offsite CDP backups to ensure working backups are always available.
  • Provide customer with any 'additional' administrative requirements or customisations that may be required.

Server Management Summary

We hope this information has given you a good overview of just how effective full server management with FastnetHost will be. We always strive to go the extra mile and ensure that your server is performing for your business 100% of the time. Our support team is happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

We welcome any custom requests you might have. Our aim is to tailor each managed solution to each individual customer, no request is too big or too small. We would love to discuss your next hosting project, and earn the opportunity to work with you and demonstrate the FastnetHost difference.

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