Reducing our carbon footprint

FastnetHost always looks at the bigger picture when considering our environmental impact. From larger initiatives like powering the datacentre from 100% green renewable energy sources, through to the smaller ones that still make a valuable contribution to reducing our overall carbon footprint.

Datacentre powered by green renewable energy sources

Datacentre aims to source all of its energy requirements from 100% green renewable sources.

Datacentre cooling improvements

Hot aisle containment server racks to reduce the energy needs of the climate control systems.

ISO 14001 certification

The datacentre successfully passed ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management Systems.

Investing in newer hardware

Ongoing hardware replacement activity to switch out older servers with new ones using half the power.

Reducing wastefulness

We store all information electronically and use paperless communications and electronic invoicing.

Clear recycling policies

Separated recycling bins throughout our offices and all incoming hardware packaging fully recycled.

Greener Hosting

FastnetHost is committed to the bigger picture and acknowledges that greener business operations is an ongoing objective. We are always looking for new ways to further reduce our environmental impact.

If you have further ideas or any questions about our green hosting initiative we would love to hear from you.