Fully managed cloud hosting

The FastnetHost next generation cloud offers genuine high availability, self-healing, instantly scalable virtual private servers (VPS) 'in the cloud'. Cloud servers are ideal for business critical websites requiring enterprise grade availability, matched with unparalleled performance.

Instant scalability, up or down, makes our cloud solution a perfect fit for websites which have unpredictable or seasonal traffic patterns. After nearly three years of development and testing our cloud is ready to provide you with the perfect hosting solution.

  • Ultra high performance SSD powered cloud
  • High availability, self healing cloud resilience
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Includes KernelCare for rebootless updates
  • Instantly scale up according to demand
  • Fully managed, monitored, and supported 24/7/365
  • Fully tuned and optimised specifically for your site
  • Free migration from your old host

Managed cloud server configurator

Cloud hosting with a difference

Your server, your way!

Our cloud experts will deploy your cloud server ready-to-go and with a fully optimised environment matched to your specific needs. We don't use any default installs and you don't need server expertise to start using your cloud VPS immediately. From a busy Wordpress site to a high-transaction Magento store, our cloud will deliver you a competitive performance edge.

True Cloud Resilience

Your server does not rely on any one single piece of hardware like a traditional dedicated server would. This means in the event of a hardware fault your server will automatically failover to another node in our limitless pool of cloud resources. We provide a 100% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) to give you total confidence that your cloud server will provide the reliability you need.

Rapid Scalability

Your cloud server can be scaled up or down within minutes. A traditional server would typically require scheduled downtime or data migration to new hardware in order to access more resources. With a cloud server we can increase the size of your server for spikes in traffic or seasonal demand, and then scale you back down when you no longer require it.

Offsite CDP Backups

We use the latest Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technology to take a full copy of your cloud server offsite four times every day. With a choice of 56 versions of your data to restore from (spanning back 2 weeks) it's quick and easy to restore a file, database, full site, or entire server from a previous point in time. Full access direct from your cPanel control panel makes for easy data recovery when needed.

Optimised hosting for your platform

Performance tuned and security hardened hosting, built for the web's most popular software.

Over 300 other applications can be deployed to your website quickly and easily with a single click.