Cloud hosting designed from the ground up

The FastnetHost Public Cloud has been carefully designed and built using the very latest technologies to give customers an enterprise grade hosting platform. FastnetHost cloud servers can adapt and react instantly to any situation from hardware failure to sudden spikes in traffic.

Managed Cloud Hosting Solutions

How does the cloud work?

Traditional server hosting places all your website data and software on to the same single physical machine. This approach works perfectly well until either the server runs out of resources (CPU, RAM or DISK) or it suffers a hardware fault.

Break free from dependency on a single server and eliminate downtime due to hardware failure! The FastnetHost Cloud comprises of a large cluster of “Hypervisor” nodes, each contributing processing power, memory (RAM), Disk I/O and storage space to the Cloud Resource Pool (CRP).

Take out a Cloud server with FastnetHost and all your system resources will be taken from the CRP and dedicated to you and you only. Your website data and software will be stored and replicated across the Solid State Disks (SSD) in the Hypervisor nodes. This design coupled with OnApp cloud technology means that your active services can move from one Hypervisor to another automatically should a problem be detected on one particular node. This is called “hot migration” and occurs with zero service disruption. Similarly, you can take advantage of unlimited resources in the CRP, and instantly upgrade or downgrade when needed. Expecting a traffic spike? No problem, instantly upgrade your Cloud server or scale out with a load balancer to comfortably handle sudden growth in visitor numbers.

The technology behind it all

The FastnetHost cloud infrastructure and technology can be broken down into four key parts.

Solid State Disks from each hypervisor contribute to the “Distributed SSD Storage” you see above. Data stored on the SSD’s is replicated across multiple other hypervisors, and cloud servers can instantly “hot migrate” to any other hypervisor node in the Cloud. During standard operation, your Cloud VPS will use storage which is local to the Hypervisor it runs from. This is in order to provide optimal performance and storage can be accessed faster than a more traditional Cloud configuration with centralised SAN storage. On top of the performance benefits, this method of decentralised storage is also more beneficial when it comes to resilience. With data replicated multiple times, your services are protected against hardware failures.

The actual server where all the data processing takes place, or the “engine room”, is called the Hypervisor server. Each Hypervisor server is an enterprise grade (Dell R420 or better) physical server connected into our Cloud network. Each FastnetHost Cloud can have up to 100 hypervisor servers within it and operating at any one time. One of the great benefits of Cloud is that we can take any Hypervisor offline without disrupting customer services. We may need to take a Hypervisor out of the Cloud for maintenance purposes, or to replace it with newer hardware as technology improves. If you ever need to upgrade your Cloud VPS, the additional resources will come from a near unlimited pool of resource that these Hypervisors provide.

We run a private switching network exclusively for our cloud services. This fully redundant and fault tolerant network ensures low latency, high speed connectivity at all times and connects to the internet via the FastnetHost core network that you already know and love. We recommend you read more about our industry leading datacentre and network upon which our cloud is hosted.

Our cloud is powered by software from OnApp. This software helps manage more than half the clouds in the world and has proven itself as a leader in Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) technologies. We evaluated many cloud software providers before partnering with OnApp as a clear winner in terms of stability, flexibility and features. Aside from OnApp your cloud server still runs a suite of software you are already familiar with, including a VPS optimised cPanel hosting control panel. FastnetHost also provide Private OnApp Clouds to customers with very large requirements and a desire to fully control all areas of their hosted infrastructure.

What does this mean for your next server?

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