Secure offsite hosting backups of all your data

Using R1Soft Enterprise Server Backup software, FastnetHost delivers Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for all customers, backing up your data to an offsite location 4 times every day. We will always have a recent copy of your data in the event that you need help with disaster recovery.

Overview of CDP Offsite Backups

R1Soft CDP backup technology allows us to take ultra reliable backups quickly, efficiently, and with more frequency when compared to traditional backup systems.

The FastnetHost private network replicates your data to a separate location, providing you with the ultimate peace of mind even during "worst case" situations. A single file, MySQL database, entire site, or an entire server can be reliably recovered from a recent backup snapshot in a very short space of time.

CDP takes server data at the block level, bypassing the file system, and reading data directly from the disk volume. This vastly improves the speed of completing a backup as well as drastically reduces disk and network I/O, so there is very little server performance impact while the backup snapshot is taken.

R1Soft Enterprise Server Backup

Included with all servers!
We backup ALL your data to a secure off-site location four times per day and maintain 56 versions (going back 2 weeks).