PCI Compliant Hosting

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) applies to all organisations that handle customer credit and debit card information. If your website transmits or stores this type of information, it is an industry requirement that you have passed PCI-DSS compliance.

FastnetHost offers expert guidance to ensure you implement the correct PCI standards for your website. We also monitor these standards as they continue to evolve to ensure you remain PCI compliant, giving you complete peace of mind.

There are two steps required in order to become PCI Compliant:

Did you know?

Fines for not being PCI compliant can be as much as $50,000. However, it is often the loss of trust from your customers that can result in even greater damage should you have any PCI security problems with your website.

Step 1. Hosting

FastnetHost is here to help you by providing a fully PCI compliant hosting environment. We manage all our hosting solutions to ensure they keep up with the ever changing PCI DSS standards. You're in safe hands.

Step 2. Scanning

You will need to subscribe to a PCI scanning service in order to be assessed and certified as meeting the PCI DSS compliance standards. We recommend our Web Inspector product for this part of the process.

Expert PCI support comes as standard

Web Inspector PCI Compliance Scanning

Having the right hosting solution does not automatically make you PCI compliant. If you do not already subscribe to an approved PCI scanning vendor then we are happy to introduce you to our Web Inspector product which will scan your site and issue you with a PCI compliance certificate. Web Inspector will not only run the regular PCI scans required to remain compliant, but it also scans your infrastructure to inspect, detect and protect you from Malware security threats.

Web Inspector PCI compliance scanning

Find out more about Comodo Web Inspector PCI Compliancy scanning.

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