Filtering spam, virus, phishing & malware

We utilise the SpamExperts filtering engine running on our own dedicated spam filtering cluster. This solution sits ahead of the mail server on our network and ensures harmful email such as spam and malware never reaches your inbox. A "fire and forget" solution that keeps your email productive!

SpamExperts can make a difference

SpamExperts uses spam definitions to identify and remove spam emails before they reach your inbox. Definitions are updated in real-time by real human spam editors ensuring even the most recent spam outbreaks are filtered for maximum effectiveness.

Traditional spam filtering uses keywords to guess which emails are spam - this leads to high false-positive rates (genuine emails being lost). SpamExperts avoids traditional scoring and uses data only from real world spam outbreaks, leading the industry with a false positive rate of less than 1 in 1 million.

Integrated fully into your hosting control panel, you can review the spam quarantine and manage whitelisting and blacklisting quickly and easily.

SpamExperts Email Hosting Security

Do you currently have a spam problem?

Our own consumer research showed Spam and Phishing as the number one concern for email users. We decided to be pro-active and find a proper solution to eliminate this concern for all of our customers.

Try FastnetHost today to reclaim email productivity and free your inbox of spam.

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